IT TAKES 2 Espresso Blend

8.10 €

This is our first seasonal espresso blend. Made from two different arabica types. This autumn it’s two amazing coffees: Guatemala Acate from Antigua and Brazil Fazenda Lagoa from Sul de Minas.

1000 g 27.50 €
250 g 8.10 €
Espresso[lt] Pupelėmis[lt]
Plikymui[lt] Pupelėmis[lt]
Espresso[lt] Malta[lt]
Plikymui[lt] Malta[lt]
Espresso aparatas[lt] Malta[lt]
Chemex[lt] Malta[lt]
Aeropress[lt] Malta[lt]
French press[lt] Malta[lt]
Moka[lt] Malta[lt]
Filtruojama[lt] Malta[lt]
Puodelyje[lt] Malta[lt]
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TASTE MAP: Cacao sweetness and red berries fruitiness. Full body, heavy and balanced espresso.

Processing: „Guatemala Acate” – washed, „Brazil Fazenda Lagoa“ – pulped natural


Origin/Region: Guatemala, Antigua and Brazil, Sul de Minas

Ingredients: 100% arabica

Altitude:900 – 1 200 m.