House Espresso Blend

5.60 €

1000 g 18.40 €
250 g 5.60 €
Espresso[lt] Pupelėmis[lt]
Plikymui[lt] Pupelėmis[lt]
Espresso[lt] Malta[lt]
Plikymui[lt] Malta[lt]
Espresso aparatas[lt] Malta[lt]
Chemex[lt] Malta[lt]
Aeropress[lt] Malta[lt]
French press[lt] Malta[lt]
Moka[lt] Malta[lt]
Filtruojama[lt] Malta[lt]
Puodelyje[lt] Malta[lt]

TASTE MAP: Balanced and sweet with barely felt fruity acidity.

TASTE MAP blend for an exclusive espresso.

Origin/Region: Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala.

Ingredients: 100% arabica.