Quality assurance
Do you roast coffee for companies?
Yes. Contact us by email hello@tastemap.lt and we will prepare you an individual offer. Furthermore, we can create a coffee blend of your choice, we also invite you to take part in the process.
Do you issue an invoice?
Yes. We will need your personal data or company details. Email your request and details to hello@tastemap.lt.
Can I return products?
So far no one needed it. However, you can return all bought products – it is important that coffee, tea and coffee equipment is intact and returned in closed package.
What is a time limit for returning products?
Intact products are returned in 2 weeks counting from the day of buying.
Is it possible to exchange products?
If by mistake instead of your favorite coffee you bought other product we can exchange closed and intact package to any other product for the same price. If at the time we can not offer you desired coffee, you can return the product and get repayment.
How the money is returned?
The money is returned by bank transfer to the account specified by buyer or to the account from which payment was received.
Where Taste Map coffee comes from?
Coffee beans reach Taste Map manufactory from South America and Ethiopia. If you want an exceptional coffee, you need exceptional quality materials. That is why we go to coffee farmers and providers and accurately choose only the best coffee beans.
Where Taste Map coffee is roasted?
We roast coffee beans ourselves in our Vilnius manufactory. Everyday we carefully prepare and taste various intensity beans.
What ensures the freshness of coffee?
Coffee beans are delivered in small amounts and we start roasting only after receiving an order. Therefore, you can be sure that ordered coffee will always be fresh and aromatic.
How can I pay for products?
If you are buying from our online store, after you order products and enter your contact details, mokėjimai.lt system will direct you to the internet banking page. Log in to your bank account and follow instructions.
Can I pay by bank transfer?
Yes. You can transfer money for the order to our bank account. Transfer is made in accordance to VAT invoice.
Can you issue an invoice?
Yes. We will need your personal data or company details. Email your request and details to hello@tastemap.lt.
Can I pay in cash?
If you want to pay in cash – inform us about your arrival and visit us in the manufactory (A. Bazilijonų str. 3). We will help you to choose and take your orders.
How long does delivery take?
We deliver products in 1–2 work days after payment confirmation.
How much delivery costs?
If total delivery sum is less than 14.48 EUR, delivery in Lithuania will cost you 1,74 EUR.
When do you deliver products for free?
If total delivery sum is 14.48 EUR or more, we will deliver products for free in the territory of Lithuania (except Curonian Spit).