TASTE MAP name includes much more than roasting coffee beans and preparing coffee. We create and cherish coffee culture – inspiring, comprehensible and accessible to everyone: from the everyday coffee cup at home to constantly increasing quality in our coffee restaurants (you can find them at M. K. Ciurlionio str. 8 and Gyneju str. 14).

The possibility to teach our clients about good coffee, its potential and responsible consumption inspires us to go forward. We call it “coffee education”. We believe that only by bonding with our clients and partners and creating long term relationship together we can expand our knowledge.

We are proud of our team and every cup of coffee we make.

Back in the 2016 our dedicated team organized AeroPress Championship. It was unforgettable experience for us and the winner Donatas Krušna proved it was not a lucky coincidence – later that year he reached the World Championship semi-final in Dublin.